Police Arrest at Least 40 in Shale Protests

Police Arrest at Least 40 in Shale Protests

(AP) Police arrest at least 40 in shale protests
REXTON, New Brunswick
Canadian police say they have arrested at least 40 people in eastern New Brunswick at the site of a protest over shale gas development that turned violent.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Thursday the people were arrested for firearms violations, threats, intimidation, mischief and violating a court-ordered injunction near Rexton.

The RCMP say at least five of their vehicles have been destroyed after they were set on fire, Molotov cocktails were thrown at officers, and at least one shot was fired by someone who isn’t a police officer.

Police began enforcing an injunction Thursday where energy company SWN Resources stores exploration equipment. The protesters, who include aboriginals, want SWN Resources to stop seismic testing and leave the province.

SWN Resources is owned by Houston-based Southwestern Energy.