Kerry on Iran: 'You Have to Act in Some Good Faith'

Kerry on Iran: 'You Have to Act in Some Good Faith'

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Secretary of State John Kerry denied that the Obama administration was prepared to make a rotten deal with the Iranians over the Iranian nuclear program. “This is serious business,” Kerry said, attempting to hail the near-surrender, then-negotiations collapse as a breakthrough. “This is the first time that the P5 had come together with this kind of a serious set of possible options in front of it with a new Iranian government.” Kerry, of course, ignored that the new Iranian government is precisely the same as the old Iranian government, given that both are run by the mullahs.

Kerry continued by attempting to argue the Obama administration’s supposed strength in negotiating the deal: “We have all said, President Obama has been crystal clear. Don’t rush. We’re not in a rush. We need to get the right deal. No deal is better than a bad deal. And we are certainly adhering to that concept.” Kerry simply ignored the possibility that Iran is stalling for time to complete its nuclear program while engaging the west in sham negotiations.

Kerry said that the United States would continue negotiations nonetheless: “the President believes, as I do, that the pressure exists today, which is why they’re willing to negotiate. Now that they’re there, you have to act in some good faith, and an effort to be able to move towards the goal you want to achieve. If, as their act of good faith, they freeze their program and allow us absolutely unprecedented access to inspection and do other things.”

Kerry did not comment on opposition from allies including France and Israel to the proposed deal with Iran.

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