Military Pensions Part of Obama's Sequester Cuts?

Military Pensions Part of Obama's Sequester Cuts?

As the military budget continues to be whittled down post-sequester implementation, eyes are turning to cuts in military pensions as a possible means of compliance. 

According to Politico, House and Senate negotiators are considering this option as they look for ways to trim the military budget “for another round of sequestration in January.”

Democrats are worried that Republicans are seeking too much savings from civilian federal workers and are bouncing around the idea of military pension cuts. Republicans, however, have been trying to meet the needed cuts via a restructuring of civilian federal workers’ pensions with retroactive inclusion. 

The Pentagon is feeling the pressure as sequestration will require “a further $21 billion cut in its 2014 budget if nothing is done.”

President Obama signed sequestration into law on August 2, 2011

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