Iranian Man Does Not Wash for 60 Years, Smokes Animal Feces

Iranian Man Does Not Wash for 60 Years, Smokes Animal Feces

Saturday bath night was 60 years ago for Amou Haji, who hails from Dejgah village in the southern Iranian province of Fars. Amou is the world record holder for the “longest time without taking a shower.” 

He managed to beat out the former record holder, a 66-year-old Indian man, Kailash Singh, by 22 years.

Amou, 80, is single and open to a relationship. He enjoys smoking a relaxing pipe packed with animal feces to bide his time waiting for “Mrs. Right.”

However, one might need to get used to Amou’s alternative lifestyle before moving in with him. To begin with, Amou lives off the land, dining on rotten meat and washing it down with five liters of water a day from a rusty oil can. His favorite food is rotten porcupine.

Amou’s bedroom décor may be considered a bit rustic. Mr. Haji sleeps in a hole in the ground, not unlike a grave, and sometimes mixes it up by bedding down in an open brick shack. The loner’s clothing is mostly rags, but during the winter he adds a war helmet to fend off the cold.

Some villagers offered to shower Amou, but he declined and ran away. However, though he has not washed himself in 60 years, Amou has kept some of his vanity. He is known for checking himself out on side view mirrors of nearby cars. When in need of a hair trimming, Amou does not frequent fancy hair salons, or even Supercuts for that matter. While this may come as no surprise, his technique of burning his tresses off in an open fire may raise an eyebrow or two.

Mr. Haji admits that he chose this lifestyle due to some emotional traumas when he was young. As a result, Amou decided an isolated life was the way to go for him.



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