Ukraine, Russia Defense Ministries Agree on Truce in Crimea

Ukraine, Russia Defense Ministries Agree on Truce in Crimea

Ukraine and Russia Defense Ministries agreed to a truce in Crimea until March 21.

“An agreement has been reached with (Russia’s) Black Sea Fleet and the Russian Defense Ministry on a truce in Crimea until March 21,” Ihor Tenyukh told journalists on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting.

“No measures will be taken against our military facilities in Crimea during that time. Our military sites are therefore proceeding with a replenishment of reserves.”

Details on the truce were not released and Tenyukh did not say what will happen after March 21.

Ukraine’s cabinet members held an emergency meeting on Sunday as Crimea votes to remain an autonomous republic of Ukraine or join the Russian Federation. Crimea has been under Russian control since February 22 when Ukraine’s parliament ousted Russia-backed president Viktor Yanukovych. Crimea’s parliament dissolved the government, appointed a pro-Russian leader and asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for more help.

Ukraine and the West have repeatedly told Crimea and Putin they do not recognize the referendum and will place more sanctions on Russia if Moscow uses the votes to justify more aggression towards Ukraine. Russia told Ukraine soldiers they must surrender after the referendum.