Naval Base Point Loma Locked Down over Two 'Airsoft-Style' Pellet Guns

Naval Base Point Loma Locked Down over Two 'Airsoft-Style' Pellet Guns

On April 24 Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego, was placed on lockdown when “two enlisted sailors” were caught “playing with plastic pellet guns in their barracks.” 

According to, “someone reported seeing the sailors pointing what appeared to be pistols out of a window near a parking structure…shortly after 10 a.m.” on Thursday.

Personnel on the base were then ordered to secure themselves indoors while Military Police, the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, San Diego Police, and a federal SWAT team investigated.

A witness who was in a Subway restaurant on base said the following orders were relayed on a bullhorn: “The base is in lockdown, everybody get in right now, this is not a drill. Everybody get away from the windows.”

Officers arrested the two sailors with the pellet guns around 12:30 p.m. “without incident.” The guns turned out to be “Airsoft-style” guns, which the two sailors had been “firing out the window of their barracks.” 

Base commanding officer Navy Captain Scott Adams said he did not consider the guns “dangerous,” but it was unclear whether they could still be “considered a weapon.” It is also unclear as to whether the two sailors will face criminal charges.

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