New Jihadist Group Ajnad Misr Emerging in Egypt

New Jihadist Group Ajnad Misr Emerging in Egypt

Ajnad Misr is a new jihadist group in Egypt that is slowly emerging from under the shadow of the better-known Ansar Beit al-Maqdis.

Ajnad Misr translates as “Soldiers of Egypt,” and in the last few months it has become “increasingly deadly” and “far more focused.”

According to Statfor Global Intelligence, Ajnad Misr first appeared in 2013 “but did not formally announce its formation until the day before” it carried out bombings on January 24th, 2014.

Prior to the 24th its actions consisted of small arms attacks that resulted in few injuries and appeared too haphazard to pose a real threat. However, now it has traded the use of small arms for explosive devices that allow the group to both wreak serious destruction and cause death.

On April 2 it bombed a security post outside Cairo University killing “one police brigadier general and wounding five other police officers.” Statfor reports that the group has carried out ten separate bombings since January 24th.

According to Statfor, Ajnak Misr has the possibility of being very successful in carrying out attacks on Egyptian police going forward. However, because it has exclusively targeted police and even called off one attack reportedly for fear of civilian casualties, it poses no threat to tourists or expatriates.

However, it is worth watching to see if its philosophy shifts. Stratfor warns that if it does, the skills it is honing on armed and armored police will prove even more effective on softer targets.

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