Lebanon Deports Palestinian Refugees Fleeing Syria

Lebanon Deports Palestinian Refugees Fleeing Syria

Over the weekend Lebanon deported 41 Palestinian refugees who had fled there from Syria.

According to BBC News, “Lebanese officials said the restrictions are only temporary,” but Human Rights Watch (HRW) still believes “Lebanon was turning people back without adequately considering the dangers they faced.”

HRW argued that Lebanon was violating “the international principle of ‘non-refoulement,’ which forbids states from returning refugees and asylum seekers to [a] place where their lives or freedom would be threatened.” HRW found some of the deported Palestinians hiding “in a strip of territory between the Lebanese and Syrian border checkpoints at the Masnaa crossing for fear for what would happen to them if they re-entered Syria.” 

The decision to deport the Palestinians was based on their being caught “allegedly attempting to leave the country using fraudulent visas.”

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