Spanish Conservative Politician Shot Dead

Spanish Conservative Politician Shot Dead

On May 12 Leon provincial government leader Isabel Carrasco was shot and killed while crossing a footbridge near her home.

The 59-year-old member of the People’s Party was walking to “local party headquarters” when she was “shot several times in broad daylight.”

According to The Guardian, “police have arrested a woman, 55, and her daughter, 35.” They “are the wife and child of a police inspector from the nearby town of Astorga.” An unnamed source in Spain’s ministry of the interior says “the daughter had been recently let go from her job at the provincial government and ‘a personal grudge’ may have played a role [in the killing].”

BBC News reports that a Leon police spokeswoman told AFP news: “We are investigating the participation of both [women] in the act.” 

Police have not recovered the murder weapon.

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