Report: Damage Snowden Did to U.S. Intelligence is 'Staggering'

Report: Damage Snowden Did to U.S. Intelligence is 'Staggering'

Portions of a top-secret Defense Intelligence Agency report on the damage done by Edward Snowden’s leaks has been obtained and published by The Guardian.

The information was obtained “in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed earlier this year.”

According to The Guardian, the report says “the scope of the compromised knowledge related to U.S. intelligence capabilities is staggering.” But the portions of the report that were released did not “provide any specific details” regarding the damage done. 

“The entire impact assessment was redacted from the material released to The Guardian.”

The “executive summary” of the report indicates that assessments are ongoing and that the current report will be updated as those ongoing efforts are completed. 

Separate reports by the Combatant Commands and Services “provide greater details concerning the potential impact of the [leaks] on their respective equities.” Details on “SIGNET [Signals-intelligence] specific equities” are being reviewed “separately” by the NSA. 

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