Hamas Promises Israel 'Suicide Attacks on Every Bus, Café and Street' in New Video

Hamas Promises Israel 'Suicide Attacks on Every Bus, Café and Street' in New Video

The Hamas rocket offensive against Israel in response to Operation Protective Edge continues to grow, with Israel reporting on the third day of strikes that 250 rockets have been launched out of Gaza since Tuesday. That number threatens only to grow as Hamas releases propaganda footage promising “thousands” of rocket strikes.

In a video published by the Jerusalem Post, the Hamas jihadist group promises Israel that they will continue their attempts to kill Jews. “Zionists, wait and see stabbing attacks everywhere,” the narrator says over some rudimentary animations. “Wait for suicide attacks on every bus, café and street.” In addition to the suicide attacks, the narrator implores the viewer to “remember the rockets that made Tel Aviv and the Israeli Parliament tremble,” promising that Hamas has “thousands of them.” The video provides Hebrew text to ensure that Jewish viewers get the message.

In addition to the video, the Hamas leadership itself has made clear it has no interest in deescalating tensions. Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, said at a press conference yesterday that the terrorist group has determined that “all Israelis have now become legitimate targets.” Another top Hamas figure, Hussam Badran, went as far as to condemn the Palestinian Authority, which incorporated Hamas into a “unity” government, for being “completely detached” from the Palestinian people. 

Meanwhile, the few rockets not intercepted by the Iron Dome continue to fall in Israel as terrified citizens run for cover. Israelis with cell phone access have posted numerous recordings of the rockets falling in the last few days. The rocket can be seen indiscriminately damaging civilian land:

Pro-Hamas individuals on social media have protested that Israel’s offensive in Gaza has been as indiscriminate–though with little verified proof. On the contrary, many of the images allegedly of Palestinian children hurt by the Israeli government come from the warfronts of Syria and Iraq.

In reality, Israeli military footage shows that the IDF has been using its sophisticated technology to combat Hamas terrorists while keeping the civilians they involuntarily recruit as human shields safe. In the following video, IDF soldiers target and destroy a Hamas installation–one very clearly positioned near a school to dissuade the Israeli military from attacking it. The school remains unscathed.

As Operation Protective Edge intensifies and Hamas continues to threaten civilians, the Israeli government is considering a ground offensive to most effectively attack Hamas terrorists while keeping civilians out of the line of fire. Israel is expected to hold off another barrage of rockets from Gaza today as it continues its work in the sector.


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