Israeli Arabs Stone Jewish Students, Injure Preteen Girls

Israeli Arabs Stone Jewish Students, Injure Preteen Girls

A Galilee field trip and hike turned into a nightmare Wednesday for several Israeli sixth-grade girls and their teachers as they came under an attack of rocks thrown by Arab teenagers, the Algemeiner reported.

The girls, aged 10-11, from a religious school at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, were on an outing to the Arbel Cliffs overlooking the Sea of Galilee near Tiberias. While descending from the cliffs, the girls sat down for a rest when they were suddenly attacked with stones. Several were injured, including one with head injuries. At least one member of the group was hospitalized for the injuries she sustained.

“The students panicked and the educational staff scrambled to try to find shelter. One of the students got hit in the head and a teacher who tried to protect the students was injured,” officials said.

The perpetrators were 16 to 17-year-old Israeli Arab students from Kfar Manda in the western Galilee.

The Arab high school students’ guide was ultimately detained by the Tiberias Police for questioning but was released. Police initiated an investigation into the circumstances of the case.

“The students had a very difficult experience,” said one official. “They were frightened and some even cried when the event was over. We are making every effort to help them.”

The official mentioned that the Arab students’ instructors “tried to calm them down, and spoke with us—but their teachers really did not respond and did not intervene.”

Israel has seen an uptick in Arab violence against Jews in recent weeks.