Brian Williams Still On Congressional Medal Of Honor Foundation Board Of Directors

NBC News
NBC News

Although NBC anchor Brian Williams has taken leave from his full-time job of delivering the news each night, he remains a member of the board of directors for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation (CMOHF).

From CMOHF’s website, readers learn that the “mission” of the foundation is to “promote American values and qualities of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism through increased awareness, behavior, and example.”

One has to wonder how Williams can possibly fit the bill necessary to further such an important mission.

The Washington Post reports that, from 2003 to 2015, Williams held fast to a claim that during “the US invasion of Iraq in 2003… he was riding in a helicopter that was forced down by an RPG.” When NBC Nightly News recently re-aired the episode in which Williams made this claim, those who were actually on the helicopter spoke up and said Williams was not with them.

Williams apologized and said he was actually traveling in an aircraft that “was following” the one that was struck by an RPG.

Breitbart’s own John Nolte is now reporting that “local experts in New Orleans at the time [of hurricane Katrina] are scoffing” at some of the claims Williams made during the aftermath of the storm. From stories of a suicide in the Superdome to Williams’ claim that he accidentally digested flood water and “became very sick with dysentery” to his claim that his hotel–the Ritz–“was overrun with gangs.”

The Medal of Honor is about courage, sacrifice, and integrity, among other things. How can someone as truth-challenged as Brian Williams remain on the Board of Directors for such a high honor?

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