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NBC Nightly News

Fake Newsman Brian Williams Slams Fake News

Fake journalist Brian Williams, who was suspended from the NBC Nightly News anchor slot for reporting fake news and lost the job altogether — and is now relegated to an MSNBC position — slammed fake news on MSNBC on Thursday.

Brian Williams Fake NBC

Another NBC Disaster: ‘Nightly News’ Loses to ABC News

With the news that the “NBC Nightly News” has now lost to ABC’s “World News Tonight” for four weeks in a row, the fall of NBC News is nearly complete. The “Nightly News” now joins the once-mighty franchises of “Meet

nbc upside down

NBC Nightly News Ratings Up Without Brian Williams

NBC News has to be ecstatic with the two-fer they pulled off by suspending the disgraced Brian Williams for six months. The suspension killed the media fury around Williams’ serial lies and Williams’ replacement, Lester Holt, has managed to hold


Another Tall Tale From Brian Williams? Seal Team Six Claim Disputed

More trouble for NBC’s Brian Williams. In 2012, he told David Letterman: “I flew into Baghdad, invasion plus three days, on a blackout mission at night with elements of SEAL Team Six,” but at that time he was based in, and apparently didn’t leave, Kuwait.

AFP Photo / Robyn Beck

Washington Post Questions Williams’ Hezbollah Chopper Story

Without crediting those online [UPDATE: Via Twitter Farhi told me he credited New Media in an earlier report.] who were the first to find, report, and highlight this story the previous day, The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi is at least