Report: ISIS Preps 12-Year-Old Boy for Suicide Attack in Latest Video

Kurdish Rudau Media Network
Kurdish Rudau Media Network

Kurdish Rudaw Media Network released a video that shows Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) militants prepping a 12-year-old boy for a suicide attack.

Some of the names mentioned on the tape are Ahmad Abdulla, Jasim Jabouri, and Abu-Janshawm. Rudaw said the man who taped the video, an Iranian Sunni, was killed. It was also allegedly taped during battles between January 29 and February 1 near Kirkuk, a city in northern Iraq.

“When we retook control of Mala Abdulla village, we captured the camera of the Iranian Sunni ISIS fighter who filmed the footage when they were preparing themselves to attack the Peshmarga bases,” said Anwar Haji Osma, a top Peshmarga official.

The worst part of the five minute video was when the militants placed the young boy on his suicide mission. The boy smiles as one militant explains his mission in an excited tone. He tells the boy he will be married in heaven after he carries out his suicide attack.

“With the help of Allah we will bomb you in Erbil and Sulaimani and all the way to Rome,” screamed the militant. “We want to rule with Allah’s command in Erbil. He is our brother. Now he is getting in the car. Allah help us, he will not stop until he reaches Kirkuk. Allah willing, we will fire all these bombs and bullets to Rome as well.”

Another terrorist joins them and gives the boy a warm embrace. The whole time, the young boy faces the camera with a huge grin on his face.

“He is our brother,” says the older man. “He is a suicide bomber. He is the one Allah has chosen. Therefore, I call on Almighty Allah to forgive them and do not make them fearful of following your orders. May Allah reward you.”

The boy enters the car. Terrorists gather around him, give him hugs, and shake his hands. They appear very happy while the boy takes the wheel with the same smile he wore throughout the recording. Rudaw reports the boy “carried out his mission by detonating a car bomb Khabaza oilfield in Kirkuk.” The attack allowed the militants to take control of the oilfield, but only for a short time. However, the video proved to the Kurds the jihadists wanted to place the entire Kurdistan region under their “caliphate.”

“Greetings be upon you all,” announces one man. “With Allah’s blessing, we arrived in Kirkuk, and not only Kirkuk. We will advance everywhere. May Allah reward you. How are you? What’s up? Listen very carefully. I swear to Allah if anybody fires a bullet at us, only Allah knows how we will react.”

Then the video displays jihadists eating breakfast near Mala Abdullah village while teaching children to repeat the Islamic State slogans. The videographer asks the men about their morale. All the men smile, while one waves to the camera. Another man says the “morale is very high” because of Allah. Apparently a man named Idris Busabah hosted the terrorists and provided them with food. At the end of the video, a villager provides the militants with instructions to the main road. Little do they know they are marching to their death.

“Mala Shwan Al-Kurdi is shown in this video assaulting the Peshmerga, Kurds and Kurdish clerics,” reports Rudaw. “The ISIS attack was defeated, and the majority of those killed are shown in this footage. The bodies of the dead were left behind for the Peshmarga. The number of militants who took part in the attacks was estimated at around 600 fighters.”


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