Suicide Bombers


PHOTOS: Islamic State Beats Syrian Man for Selling Cigarettes

TEL AVIV — Despite its continued weakening position in Syria and near-complete removal from Iraq, the Islamic State terrorist organization has disseminated propaganda photos showing IS police beating a Syrian resident of accused of selling cigarettes.


Egyptian Police Say They Foiled Church Bombing

Egyptian police said on Saturday they foiled a church bombing by arresting a cell including the would-be attackers, two months after suicide bombers killed dozens of church goers in two attacks.

A Palestinian youth shown in a file photo dated 21 February 1988 with a Palestinian flag wrapped around him and a knife in his hand, waiting for Israeli soldiers to arrive at a spot in the Old City of Nablus where a crowd of angry Palestinians started gathering following the …

Abbas’ Fatah Movement: Plant A Knife In The Heart Of Your Enemy

JERUSALEM – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement promoted a Palestinian university’s student group with a poster showing a knife dripping in blood and the accompanying instruction to plant the knife in the heart of your enemy.


Nigeria Arrests Soldiers Supplying Arms to Boko Haram

The government of Nigeria may have declared the war won against Islamic State affiliate Boko Haram, but new evidence has surfaced that they not only remain active, but have deep ties within the Nigerian military. Officials arrested two soldiers this week for having provided government-issued weapons to the jihadist terror group.


After Palestinian Leader’s Incitement, Terror Group Calls for Suicide Bombers

Over the weekend, Palestinian terrorists ran wild within the State of Israel and the Palestinian territories, murdering Jewish men and women and attempting to kill infants. Yet, Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas has refused to condemn this violence, instead blaming Israel for defending itself.


Boko Haram Is Prime Suspect in Suicide Bombing on Chad’s Capital

Suicide bombers attacked Chad’s capital, N’Djamena, on Monday, targeting a police training facility and leaving dozens dead. It is the first such attack of its kind on the Chadian capital, and the Boko Haram terror group is the prime suspect in orchestrating the attack, though no group has officially taken credit for the killings.

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Female Suicide Bomber Kills Seven in Nigeria

A young Nigerian female suicide bomber detonated herself up in Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State, at a market near a bus station. She killed at least seven people.

AFP Photo/Sunday Aghaeze

Nigerian Troops Find Boko Haram Bomb Factory

Nigerian troops reported this week that they discovered a facility they are describing as a “bomb factory” run by the radical Islamic group Boko Haram in northeast Borno state.