Twitter Accounts Hijack #MiracleonIce with ISIS Flag

1980 US Hockey Team

Twitter accounts hijacked the #MiracleOnIce and #HockeyDayInAmerica hashtags to promote the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).

February 22 is the anniversary of the game when America defeated the mighty Soviet Union hockey team in the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid. Americans have been using the hashtags to send around vintage photos of the historic event.

But there are accounts also tweeting pictures of the Islamic State flag. It is unknown if the accounts are linked to members of Islamic State, the owners are just fans of the group, or if they are just bored in their mothers’s basements.

It is basically just the two above accounts, but the owners change the tweets in order to flood the hashtags with their Islamic State photos.

It is not the first time Islamic State tweets hijacked a top hashtag on Twitter. After an earthquake in Napa, accounts took over the #napaearthquake hashtag to promote their propaganda. The Islamic State also published propaganda and graphic photos under World Cup hashtags over the summer.