‘Restrictive’ Gun Control Powerless to Stop South Korean Attack

AP Photo/Yonhap, Lee Jae-lim
AP Photo/Yonhap, Lee Jae-lim

On February 25, an unnamed gunman shot and killed three people in Sejong City, South Korea, despite the country’s strict gun control regulations.

According to GunPolicy.org, South Korean gun regulations are rated “restrictive” and include proving the need for owning a firearm, passing criminal and mental health background checks, and registering the gun with the government, among other things.

Despite these regulations, ABC News reports the gunman allegedly “shot and killed three people in a Sejong City convenience store” and then set the store ablaze “before fleeing.” The suspect is then alleged to have shot and killed himself “a few kilometers from the store.”

The suspect was allegedly in possession of hunting rifles which can only be lawfully possessed after being checked out from police stations.

Breitbart News previously reported that France and Denmark also have “restrictive” gun regulations in place, none of which were able to prevent the January 7-9 Paris attacks or the February 14 attacks in Copenhagen.

As with Paris and Copenhagen—and Sandy Hook Elementary in the U.S.—the demonstrable lesson from South Korea is that gun control only hinders or disarms law-abiding citizens. It does not prevent the criminally-minded from carrying out their heinous plans.

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