Denmark: Muslims, Leftists March to Protest Burqa Ban

Muslims and left-wingers have rallied in the streets of Copenhagen to protest a new law against wearing face coverings in public, which they claim is an attack on women’s right to dress as they please. When the ban came into


Two Arrested In Denmark Over Suspected Links to Islamic State

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Danish authorities say two people have been arrested under the country’s anti-terror laws for allegedly purchasing and shipping items “to be used in combat” from Denmark to the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. Domestic


Huge Rise in Radicalised Residents in Copenhagen

The number of reports about potential extremists in the Danish capital Copenhagen has risen significantly in the past year. City authorities received 100 reports about potentially radicalised residents in 2015, a 66 per cent increase on the previous year. Copenhagen’s


‘Danish UKIP’ Politician Opposes Capital’s Third Mega-Mosque

The Islamic Society in Denmark (ISD) has announced the proposed construction of a new mosque in Copenhagen’s Nordvest district, drawing opposition from the Danish People’s Party. The Islamist group is aiming to fund construction with private “no strings attached” donations of £7.5 million (80


Extremists Tell Danish Muslims: ‘Don’t Vote’

Muslims should not vote in this month’s Danish election because democracy is incompatible with Islam, two radical groups have said. Controversial Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir urged Danish Muslims to boycott June 18’s general election to protest the “anti-Islamic” democratic system.

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Anti-Semitic Attack Targets Copenhagen Kosher Deli

Less than two months after a jihadist killed an innocent Jewish man outside of a Copenhagen synagogue, a kosher deli in the city suffered damage after vandals smashed out a window and wrote anti-Semitic messages on its walls.

Lars Vilks' cartoon depicts Mohammed as a dog.

Cartoonist Lars Vilks Wins Prize For Courage From Danish Free Press Society

Each year, the Free Press Society of Denmark gives out the Sappho Award — a prize for courage in the advocacy of free speech, named after the Greek poet who serves as the Society’s icon. This year’s winner is cartoonist Lars Vilks, who has been dealing with death threats from Muslims in Europe ever since drawing a dog with Mohammed’s head in 2007.

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Norwegian Muslims to Form a ‘Peace Ring’ of Protection Around Oslo Synagogue

A group of young Muslims in Norway wants to answer the Copenhagen attack, in which jihadi Omar El-Hussein opened fire on a free-speech conference and a synagogue, by demonstrating against violence at a synagogue in Oslo. The organizers describe the event, planned for this weekend after the Shabat celebration at the Bergstien Street synagogue, as a human “peace ring” of protection.

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Obama Still Silent on Danish Terror Attacks

Even after Danish police called the recent attacks against Jews in Copenhagen “terrorist” acts, President Obama has yet to make a statement condemning the deadly attacks carried out by obvious Islamists.