Jihadi John Apologizes to Family for Problems Caused by His Unmasking

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Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John, the Islamic State terrorist responsible for butchering multiple Western hostages, has reportedly apologized to his family for the troubles his unmasking has caused them. However, Jihadi John did not apologize for his barbaric murders of innocents.

Emwazi was said to be remorseful for the “problems and trouble the revelation of his identity has caused,” the UK Sunday Times reports. The University of Westminster graduate reportedly sent the message through a third party from Syria to his family.

Last week, Emwazi’s father, Jasem, called his son a “terrorist” and a “dog” before leaving the country for Kuwait. However, he then came to believe that there was “no proof” of his son being Jihadi John. This created concerns with Kuwaiti MPs, who are now reportedly demanding that Jasem either distance himself from his son or face deportation.

The man who has come to be known as the infamous Jihadi John has a degree in computer science from the University of Westminster in London. Authorities believe he escaped the UK in 2013 and made his way to Syria through the Turkish border.

The Washington Post reports that Emwazi and his Iraqi-born Bedouin parents moved to Britain in 1994 after they were denied Kuwaiti citizenship. The Emwazi family was then granted asylum and full citizenship in the UK after claiming to be political refugees.

The Daily Mail revealed that the Emwazi family lives in a $650,000 dollar home, which they have been advised to leave due to concerns for their safety. His mother and four brothers and sisters are now living in an undisclosed location, where they remain under the protection of an armed police unit. There are also reports that the Emwazi family has cost the British taxpayer almost half a million dollars in welfare handouts, the Daily Mail reported.

Some have speculated that Emwazi was ultimately motivated to apologize to his parents because he didn’t want to dishonor them. Islamic theologians believe that dishonoring one’s parents could result in the person being more likely to go to hell.