Iranian Dictator: GOP Letter Proves US Reputation for ‘Backstabbing’


Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, was upset on Thursday that Republican senators wrote a letter to him and Iran’s leadership, stressing that they possessed certain constitutional powers that could not be usurped during nuclear negotiations with the state-sponsor of terror.

Khamenei was apparently concerned because the U.S. had a supposed reputation for “backstabbing” in negotiations, Iran’s state-run Mehr news wrote. Khamenei complained further, stating that the American negotiators have grown cold.

“Of course I am worried, because the other side is known for opacity, deceit and backstabbing,” said Khamenei. “Every time we reach a stage where the end of negotiations is in sight, the tone of the other side, specifically the Americans, becomes harsher, coarser and tougher. This is the nature of their tricks and deceptions,” added the Ayatollah.

The Iranian Supreme Leader took to Twitter and ranted:

Khamenei added that the letter is a “sign of the decay of political ethics in the American system.”

The White House has echoed the terror chief’s opinion on the matter thus far, calling the letter “reckless” and “irresponsible,” Reuters reports.

President Obama said on Friday that he is “embarrassed” for the 47 Republican senators who wrote the letter to Iran’s leadership, adding:

For them to address a letter to the Ayatollah–the supreme leader of Iran, who they claim is our mortal enemy–and their basic argument to them is, “Don’t deal with our President because you can’t trust him to follow through on an agreement,” that’s close to unprecedented.

Iran and the P5+1 world powers are trying to agree to basic terms by a self-imposed end of March deadline and then reach an accord for a final agreement by a June 30 deadline.


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