Disgruntled NYC Train Operator Calls for ISIS Attack against Subway System

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Robert Bennett, a New York City F train subway conductor, has taken to Facebook to call for a jihadist attack against the transit system, after being fed up with his job, according to the New York Post.

“F-K THIS PLACE, F-K THE MTA, F-K THE UNGRATEFUL GARBAGE WE CALL PASSENGERS,” Bennett, who is a Staten Island resident, posted on Facebook.

“I Hope Al Shabah, ISIS, or Al Queda [sic] attacks the subway,” he added. “2 hours on a f-king train and I have 17 minutes before I get on another to go back to Stillwell,” concluded the conductor.

The New York Post reports that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has launched an investigation into the matter, and the train operator has been on “restricted duty” for the past few weeks. The Post notes that Bennett will still earn his $33.83 an hour salary, despite limited duty since his February 23 post came to light.

His case is now “under review by our Intelligence Bureau,” a police spokesman told the Post. A Facebook friend of Bennett’s reportedly alerted the MTA to his post. The transit authority took immediate action, pulling the conductor from his shift before its completion.

An MTA statement confirmed, “He’s been removed from service right now, pending outcome of an investigation.”

Bennett is reportedly having a tough time dealing with the death of his girlfriend, who passed away three years ago. One neighbor told the Post, “He’s been kinda down in the dumps since then. He is just a solid, quiet guy. I guess he must have snapped, got really heated up about something at work.”