ISIS Propaganda Video Shows ‘Elite Special Forces’ Fighter Stuck on a Rope

Video Shot
Video Shot

The Islamic State (ISIS) released an unintentionally hilarious propaganda video showing its “elite special forces” in training, but far from showing off their fearsome skills, it makes them look like a clown act.

As the UK Daily Mail notes, they are shown lumbering through “forced entry” operations on doors that aren’t even locked, using large teams of men equipped with logs in clumsy maneuvers to scale fairly low walls, struggling to squeeze themselves through tiny windows, braving the menace of water that doesn’t even come up to their knees, and getting stuck on the end of their rappelling lines during goofy urban-warfare training:

The hapless terrorist getting stuck on the end of his rope is about 1:20 into the video, if you want to skip straight to the part that ISIS propaganda video editors apparently forgot to clip out.

The Daily Mail sought feedback from a former British special forces soldier, who described the video as “very funny” and pronounced himself less than impressed with the ISIS elite’s military skills: “Just looking at the guys as they handle weapons … it is clear that not even regular soldiers have much to worry about from these guys.”

However, the power of modern weaponry means that even an out-of-shape doofus with a rifle is still dangerous, and another analyst interviewed by the Daily Mail noted that captured American weapons are prominently displayed in the video. The maneuvers probably look impressive to civilians living under Islamic State domination and young people thinking about signing up for the ISIS jihad.