ISIS Posts Dress Code for Muslim Women on Billboards in Mosul

AP Photo
AP Photo

Another day in the Islamist paradise created by ISIS, as women in the captive city of Mosul find themselves surrounded by billboards announcing the body-bag look is the hot new summer fashion, it’ll be in style forever, and fashion crimes will be punished.

“ISIS has launched a dress-code campaign in the Iraqi city of Mosul, with billboards displaying guidelines for being a ‘good Muslim woman,'” reports Vocativ, which found online images of ISIS goons hanging the burqa billboards.

You might be thinking a robe that “covers the entire body and face with a mesh screen over the eyes” makes for uncomfortable summer wear, but hey, it’s more comfortable than getting whipped. The billboards also suggest “women who do not follow the guidelines may be subject to corporal punishment, though it is not specific about penalties.”

There’s even a seven-step guide to constructing a proper burqa:  it has to be “thick and not transparent,” it shouldn’t attract attention, don’t you dare think about perfuming it or decorating it “to look attractive,” and above all make sure that it doesn’t “look like the clothing worn by infidels or men.”

The most gruesome Orwellian touch is how the billboards assure Mosul’s distaff population that ISIS is all about women’s rights, as the burqa threats are accompanied by slogans such as, “The Muslim woman is queen in her house.”  Just like Anne Boleyn!



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