Kenyan Massacre Survivor Prayed to God, Drank Hand Lotion to Survive

AP Photo/Andrew Njuguna
AP Photo/Andrew Njuguna

Cynthia Cheroitich, 19, survived the massacre at Garissa University College in Kenya after she hid in a wardrobe and prayed to God for safety. After two days of hiding, she emerged safe, but dehydrated.

“A survivor has been discovered, she was hiding in a wardrobe,” explained Arnolda Shiundu, the Kenya Red Cross spokeswoman. “She has been taken to hospital and she’s currently undergoing assessment by doctors.”

Members of Somalia’s radical Islamic group al-Shabaab attacked the university on Thursday. They split up Muslims and Christians, slaughtering the latter group in cold blood. The barbarians murdered 147 people and injured 104.

“She kept asking for reassurance from the security forces they were not Al Shabaab before she could come out,” said one police officer. “She was given milk and rushed to the Garissa hospital, where she is being observed before being given counseling.”

Cheroitich stayed in the wardrobe even after the terrorists demanded all students come out of hiding. She drank hand lotion to satisfy her hunger. FOX News reporter John Huddy said the militants targeted those who attended “a Christian service on campus” and students “who could not recite Muslim prayers.”

“I was just praying to my God, saying that if it has come to my day, it has reached,” she recounted. “But if it not yet, let God decide whatever he likes.”


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