US Pledges $1 Million, Relief Teams to Nepal After Earthquake

The Associated Press

The United States is sending $1 million and a relief team to Nepal to aid in the recovery after a devastating earthquake. Over 2,000 died, including 17 who perished under an avalanche at Mount Everest’s base.

Secretary of State John Kerry and the White House said the country “stands with the people of Nepal and sends heartfelt sympathies.”

India sent 135 people from their emergency response team along with 18 tons of supplies. The Indian Air Force helped to evacuate people to safety from Kathmandu. Singapore is sending 55 people in a rescue team and $100,000. Israel told Nepal the government is preparing rescue and humanitarian teams. Norway pledged $3.9 million. Pakistan opened a field hospital and sent 2,000 meals. The British Red Cross immediately dispatched teams to help right after the earthquake hit.

Doctors Without Borders sent eight medical teams and four arrived the same day. The teams include a “surgical team composed of eight highly skilled MSF staff members” to set up surgical units and mobile clinics.