Belgian Security Officer Behind ‘Slaughter Each and Every’ Jew Rant Claims He Was Hacked

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AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

A Belgian security officer—apparently the equivalent of a neighborhood watch patrolman—identified only as “Mohammed N.,” launched a vicious anti-Semitic tirade on Facebook last Friday. “The word Jew itself is dirty,” he wrote. “If I were in Israel, frankly, I would do to the Jews what they do with the Palestinians — slaughter each and every one of them.”

Translating a report from the Belgian paper Le Soir, the Times of Israel says, “the debate quickly spiraled as the officer ignored requests from others in the discussion to tone down his statements.” Does that mean Mohammed N. was just getting warmed up with the “slaughter each and every one of them” comment, and it got worse from there? Yikes.

This “guardian of the peace” might have been steamed up, but Mayor Françoise Schepmans of Molenbeek, the town near Brussels where he works, was remarkably cool in response:

If this is true, this gentleman will see the door. There is no question about it. The guardians of the peace assume a role of mediation in the community. They are the image of communal authority. His words shocked me… I cannot tolerate such an attitude of a communal agent.

This was accompanied by the beginning of an apparently intricate “dismissal” process. Joël Rubinfeld of the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism seemed concerned that Mohammed N. was able to hold a peace guardianship to begin with:

There are two things particularly questionable about this case. Firstly, the fact that a “guardian of the peace” would publicly speak something that is so antithetical to the values he is supposed to embody, promote and defend. Secondly, there is the anti-Semitic speech that I am concerned expresses itself increasingly uninhibitedly in certain circles.

The Times of Israel cites Rubinfeld’s earlier warning that anti-Semitism was on the rise in Belgium, spurring an exodus of Jews. “Last year, a veteran of the Syrian civil war opened fire at the Brussels Jewish Museum, murdering four people,” the report recalls.

Israel National News provides some context for the Facebook rant, explaining it was originally a “discussion about a Brussels MP of Turkish origin who was excluded from the Human Rights Council for not acknowledging the Armenian genocide,” but Mohammed N. kept trying to hijack the thread with comments about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He would later claim his Facebook account was hacked by parties unknown, and he deleted his “slaughter all the Jews” remark.