UNRWA Chief Admits Hamas Terrorists Hid Rocket Stockpiles in UN Buildings


Pierre Krahenbuhl, who serves as the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, a United Nations Palestinian refugee organization, confirmed Wednesday that Hamas hid weapons in his organization’s facilities, which include children’s schools, during the summer 2014 war between Israel and Hamas.

“We were the ones who found the weapons caches in our facilities during inspections. The reason that the whole world knew about it is that we told them,” Krahenbuhl said in comments provided to Israel National News.

On at least three separate occasions, UNRWA revealed that during the war Palestinian terrorist group Hamas had been stockpiling rockets in its schools. UNRWA condemned the incidents but noticeably refused to place blame on Hamas for the egregious actions. After the findings, the UN body gave the rockets to the “local police,” which is made up entirely of Hamas members.

In another instance involving an UNRWA facility, three Israeli soldiers were killed last summer when a booby-trapped UNRWA building they were searching detonated while the soldiers were inside.

Nonetheless, the UN organization, which has been accused of working side-by-side with the Palestinian terror group, continues to blame Israel for Gaza’s shortcomings.

The UNRWA chief said proudly: “we knew the revelation would lead to harsh responses against us in Israel, but try to imagine what would happen if we weren’t the ones who published it. The act of publishing proves we aren’t ready to allow it and show restraint.”

“I was the only senior international official who condemned the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip at Israel,” he bragged to the Israeli paper, noticeably leaving out that he did not condemn Hamas for carrying out the acts.