Iran Deal: Leftists March on Rep. Peters’ Office

Iran Deal
AP/Andrew Harnik

At noon on Wednesday, Iran nuclear deal “progressives” planned to gather at the San Diego office of Representative Scott Peters (D-CA) in an attempt to persuade him from indecision to support for the deal, despite calls from Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA) to oppose the deal.

The event entitled “No War with Iran” Action is expected to draw “progressive activists” in a coordinated nationwide effort to pressure specific members of Congress to support the Iran nuclear deal.

Michael Campbell, Press Secretary for Congressman Peters, told Breitbart News, “We learned about the gathering from a social media post. Congressman Peters hopes to have a few minutes to talk to these constituents just as he has heard from several other San Diegans to hear their thoughts both for and against the proposed international agreement.”

An email announcement for the event read in part, “On Wednesday, August 26, local constituents will gather in front of Rep. Scott Peters’ office to urge him to support the agreement that the United States and other world powers have reached to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Following the event, the activists will deliver a petition to Rep. Peters’ office, signed by local constituents.”

Fellow San Diego Democrat Rep. Juan Vargas came out strongly opposed to the Iran nuclear deal and has called for his colleagues to oppose it along with him.

“I intend to stand up and vote against this deal. This is not a partisan issue. This is an issue of our national security, and the security of our allies and I urge my colleagues to join me in opposing this deal,” Vargas wrote in a July op-ed for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Anna Galland, executive director of Civic Action, said in the email announcement, “As this historic, diplomatic agreement was announced, MoveOn members committed to fighting like hell to defend it and stop opponents from dragging the U.S. into yet another costly, deadly war of choice.”

Influential Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) came out against the deal as well earlier this month. He has proposed that the choice is not as President Obama has suggested: deal or war.

Schumer has rather proposed a third option, “Better to keep U.S. sanctions in place, strengthen them, enforce secondary sanctions on other nations, and pursue the hard-trodden path of diplomacy once more, difficult as it may be.”

Rep. Peters has remained on the fence, choosing not to state his decision thus far despite growing Democrat opposition.

Some 200 events are scheduled for “outside town halls, coffee conversations, open office hours, and other similar meetings at which members of Congress will be present,” the invite details. “The national day of action builds on dozens of other in-district events that activists have organized during the August recess.”

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