Why The COP21 Climate Talks In Paris Are Going To Be A Massive Success

David McNew/Getty Images

The forthcoming UN climate talks known as COP21 which start in Paris at the end of this month are going to be a MASSIVE SUCCESS.

I say this with confidence for three reasons.

1. $1.5 trillion. This, according to a fairly conservative estimate by Larry Bell in Climate Change Business Journal, is how much the global warming industry is now worth. Look how the banks were protected after the 2008 crash. It will be the same here: the Green Blob has simply become too big to fail.

2. As Winston Churchill almost said, history is won by the people who write the press releases. On the face of it, as this analysis by Paul Driessen suggests, the negotiators face near-insurmountable obstacles if they are to reach any meaningful agreement.

Among the problems:

Climate is being very unhelpful at the moment, with no “warming” having been measured for over 18 years, the Antarctic not melting, the Arctic and Greenland refreezing, and hurricane activity diminishing. This makes radical action to “combat” it a much tougher sell.

Half the world is going all-out for coal – including China, India, Germany, Japan and most of South East Asia. This is not indicative of serious green intent.

Developing nations are mainly there at the table to see what they can grab in the way of climate “reparations”, allegedly to compensate them for all the damage done to the planet by Western economic growth over the years. But the developed world has shown little appetite for stumping up. Stalemate.

It’ll all be OK in the end, though. There’ll be late night meetings right down to the wire, then someone will emerge, bleary-eyed, brandishing a piece of paper and announcing “climate peace in our time.” This will then be repeated by the BBC, by CNN and MSNBC, in the New York Times, the Guardian and, of course, without the slightest hint of irony here at Breitbart. It will quickly establish the status of fact. (Until the sceptics have been through the small print, by which time it will all be too late…)

3. The UN is kind, generous, wise, even-handed, all-knowing: a tremendous force for good in the world. And I’m not just saying that because as part of the process of applying for my media accreditation for the Paris conference I have to submit three examples of my work showing my deep interest in the activities of the UN, especially with regards to climate change. Really not.


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