Scores Die Across East Asia as Cold Snap Hits


Severe cold weather in East Asia has led to at least 90 deaths.

Taiwan: At least 85 people have died from the cold, primarily elderly residents whose heart trouble left them vulnerable to the sudden drop in temperature to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest in 44 years. Six people died in the northern regions of Taipei and Taoyuan; 16 more died in the south in Kaohsiung, according to Focus Taiwan. The victims often lacked central heating.

Japan: Five people have died and 110 more were injured from snowstorms. More than 600 domestic flights have been canceled, according to NHK News. Sleet hit the island of Okinawa for the first time ever.

South Korea: 60,000 tourists in South Korea have been stranded as the snow forced the airport on the island of Jeju to close. More than 500 domestic and international flights were canceled, according to Yonhap News Agency. The temperature dropped to below 0 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time since 2001.

Hong Kong: The temperature dropped to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest in almost 60 years.

China: Parts of Guangzhou and Shenzhen in southern China received snow.

Bangkok: The temperature dropped to roughly 60 degrees Fahrenheit; the usual low is closer to 70 degrees.

Vietnam: Temperature was the lowest in 20 years; Hanoi plunged to under 43 degrees Fahrenheit.


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