Dr. Sebastian Gorka: On Islamic State, Obama and Kerry Are Like ‘Baghdad Bob’


Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on Fox News Saturday to discuss the ongoing Islamic State terror threat in Belgium, and new ISIS online messages calling for German Muslims to carry out Brussels-style attacks in Germany.

Gorka said the report by Belgium’s police union that up to 50 ISIS supporters have infiltrated the Brussels airport, holding positions raging from caterers to baggage handlers, was “very, very disturbing… but it shouldn’t surprise us.”

“This is what the jihadis are going to want to do,” he explained. “We have reports in the United States that more than 70 people working for TSA were somehow connected to the terrorism watch list. So this isn’t just a problem in Europe – it’s one here.”

Gorka noted that jihadi magazines such as al-Qaeda’s Inspire and the Islamic State’s Dabiq make it “very clear they want their terrorist cells to target high concentrations of unarmed civilians.”

“There’s nothing much better than an airport, if you want to kill a lot of civilians in one place, at one time,” he warned.

The ability of ISIS militants to infiltrate an airport that has already been hit by bloody terrorist attacks – even taking positions that give them access to airplane cockpits according to the Belgian police union – represented a “failure of the vetting process,” said Gorka. He explained that in order to be effective, security screening had to rely on solid human intelligence, in addition to high technology.

“If you look at Europe, we’ve had, what, 7/7 in London, we’ve had the Madrid attacks, we’ve had Paris twice, and now Brussels,” he continued. “It’s clear that the Continent is full of individuals who have been recruited, who have been radicalized by groups like al-Qaeda or ISIS, and they’re not being picked up. There is an intelligence failure.”

Gorka noted this failure extended to the United States as well, citing the case of  Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan immigrant who pled guilty to planning a suicide bomb attack on the New York Metro in 2010, and who once worked as a shuttle bus driver at the Denver airport.

He described the insistence of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry that the wave of terror attacks hitting Europe somehow prove that ISIS is losing, essentially lashing out in their death throes as they are choked out on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, as “incredible.”

“The Administration persists in living in an Alice in Wonderland fantasy,” said Gorka, comparing President Obama and Kerry to Saddam Hussein’s spokesman, Baghdad Bob, who infamously gave press conferences insisting that American forces were being destroyed by the Iraqi army, even as U.S. troops were rolling through Baghdad.

“We have more than 90 ISIS supporters arrested in America in the last year and a half, we’ve had San Bernardino, and they’re telling us, ‘Hey, it’s okay, we’re winning, and we’re going to flash a peace sign,'” Gorka explained. “You can flash a peace sign if you’re winning, like Winston Churchill did, but I’m sorry, President Obama is no Winston Churchill.”

Another troubling sign of the Obama Administration’s disconnect was the scandalous decision to edit the phrase “Islamist terrorism” from the audio of remarks by French President Francois Hollande.

Although the White House has been fumbling with “technical issue” excuses to explain the audio edit, Gorka said it was done deliberately, because the phrase “Islamist extremism” does not “comport with their narrative.”

“Remember, this is the Administration that for seven years has been telling us terrorism is the result of lack of education and employment,” he recalled. “You remember Marie Harf from the State Department, ‘Jobs for Jihadis?’  You cannot talk about the religion or the ideology.”