Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Islamic State Is ‘Attacking Wherever They Wish to Attack, and Taking the War to the Infidel, Which Includes America’

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Appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Wednesday night, Breitbart News National Security Senior Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka chided Hannity for applying “common sense” to Obama Administration spin in the war against ISIS – specifically, Secretary of State John Kerry’s claim that the escalating pace of jihad attacks around the world is a sign of the Islamic State’s “desperation.”

“Common sense has been banished from the White House and the Cabinet,” said Gorka. “Remember, after Orlando, it was ‘sexual repression of a covert homosexual identity,’ ‘our best weapon is love.’ Two days before the San Bernardino attack, Secretary Kerry and the President said ‘ISIS is contained, we are winning.’”

“What have we seen since then, in the last eighteen months?” Gorka asked. “Two attacks in Paris, an attack in Brussels, San Bernardino, Philly, now Orlando, and yesterday Istanbul. Doesn’t sound to me like their style is being cramped at all. They are attacking wherever they wish to attack, and they’re taking the war to the infidel, which includes here in America.”

Hannity said he could not think of an aspect of the war on terrorism the Obama Administration is getting right, and noted “they won’t even say ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’”

He referenced Dr. Gorka’s book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, and asked, “What would it take to win?”

“Well, Number One, it would take leadership,” Gorka replied. “It would take a leader in the White House who admits we are at war, and an individual who wants to win. So that’s Number One.”

“Secondly, we have to jettison political correctness,” he continued. “This whole censorship, for the last seven and a half years – when the enemy says, ‘I’m a jihadi,’ and the Administration says, ‘No, no, no, they’re just unemployed and uneducated.’ That has to be thrown out of the window.”

“Then we have to empower our Muslim allies to fight this war. The Egyptians, who have been rejected by the White House. The Jordanians, the Sunnis of Iraq. Embed our special forces. We don’t want to be the face of this war, but we have the experts – the special forces guys from Bragg, from Little Creek, the people who can be the spine of that coalition,” Gorka said.

“And then lastly, we have to destroy the brand, because killing terrorists isn’t enough,” he concluded. “I don’t have anything against it, but stacking them like cordwood doesn’t work, when they can keep on recruiting new guys. So we have to destroy the ideology.”

Hannity lamented the United States’ tendency to pull out of long wars after they have become politicized, even after a great deal of blood and treasure has been invested, and asked if there was a way to avert the type of outcome seen in Iraq and Afghanistan – as well as the casualties incurred during the course of such operations.

“Technology is useful, but it’s not a panacea. Ever since McNamara, we’ve had this disease where we think the latest platform, the latest algorithm will save us,” said Gorka. “At the end of the day, Sean, it is a man with a gun, with the boots on the ground. But it doesn’t have to be our men, or Marines, or infantry… it has to be the local Sunnis, with us at the six, thus providing the expertise and the training.”

Hannity pointed out that some of those crucial Middle Eastern allies, notably the Saudis, have proven to be unreliable or double-dealing. “I don’t see that the Saudis are willing to put boots on the ground, or the countries in the region are willing to put boots on the ground,” he said.

“The Saudis are not going to save us – absolutely right,” Gorka agreed. “They’ve been playing a double-edged game for the last twenty-odd years. I’m talking about the people who want to be on our side, the people I’ve worked with.”

He named the Jordanians, with their “incredible special forces,” and the Egyptians with their powerful military – and powerful aversion to Muslim Brotherhood-style Islamist ideology – as optimal allies.

“Think about this: if we had the massive Egyptian army, allied to the small but really high-quality Jordanians, allied to the Kurds, allied to the Sunnis who still want us to be there – if we were trusted by them, and we supported them, that would work,” said Gorka.