The Real Issue Between Khizr Khan and Donald Trump: Importing Jihad

Syrian and Iraqi refugees trapped at the Greek-Macedonian border protest demanding the opening of the borders on February 28, 2016. More than 5,000 people were trapped at the Idomeni camp after four Balkan countries announced a daily cap on migrant arrivals. Slovenia and Croatia, both EU members, and Serbia and …

Does anyone remember what the issue Khizr Khan attacked Donald Trump about at the Democratic Convention? Amidst all the outrage and attacks the substance seems to have slipped off the radar.

It was about Trump’s plan to stop Jihadists from riding the refugee flow into this country.  I think that topic is worthy of our attention, so let’s take a few minutes and look at it.

ISIS has said on numerous occasions that they are sending Jihadists into the refugee population to infiltrate Europe and the United States. Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number of Syrians we allow into the country as refugees by 550%. The FBI Director has said unequivocally that we cannot vet refugees from Syria because there are no records to check them against any more. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean Hillary supports importing any Jihadists who can get into that process?

Of course it does, and Donald Trump was being attacked for the perfectly common sense idea that — if we can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys, maybe we should stop bringing them here until we can. I am absolutely gobsmacked this is even controversial. Trump’s current proposal is a pause on immigration from areas compromised by terrorism. If anyone can come up with a good reason why we need to allow people from those areas to come here please share it with us.

Since I think I just heard someone answer “we can’t just shut down immigration for entire countries,” allow me to retort. Oh yes we can, actually we can shut down immigration from any country, of any group at any time if the President decides it is necessary. This power is in the Immigration and Naturalization Act and the last six Presidents have all used it at some point. Entering the United States is a privilege we grant, not a right to be exercised and the potential entrant has to convince us to say yes you may come.

If pausing immigration from regions swarming with people sworn to kill us doesn’t meet the definition of a national security concern, then we have decided to simply commit national suicide. Europe made that mistake a while ago and the last month has shown just exactly how terminal that was. Hatchets, machetes, explosives, trucks, and guns were all tools the enemy used to help Europe shuffle off this mortal coil. They now have so many unassimilated migrants the likelihood of actual civil war looms in France and maybe elsewhere as well.

We are nowhere near as far gone as Europe, but if we don’t want to end up next on the hit list, we have to start paying attention. It is vital that we stop Jihadists from coming here hell bent on conducting slaughter. But it is equally, or even more, important to ensure that anyone we allow to immigrate shares the basic American values that make this country the bastion of freedom it is. There is a significant portion of the Islamic world which does not, and we are under no obligation to invite them here.

The unwelcome folks are Sharia adherent Muslims of the kind who mutilate little girls, stone rape victims and hang gays from cranes. They follow a barbaric totalitarian code that has some of the trappings of religion, but actually governs every aspect of human life. This is not just mandatory for the believers, but they require submission by even non-believers. Well sorry folks, but that just doesn’t fly here and you may not pass Go or collect $200. This is another completely legal exclusion for entry and one the Center for Security Policy put forth in a paper called “Stop Importing Jihadists.”

We cannot let the craziness of the political season cause us to lose sight of our own security. We cannot let political correctness stop us from keeping our enemies at bay. These plans are entirely constitutional and vitally necessary. They deserve all of our support.

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