WATCH: 86-Year-Old WWII Veteran Skydives: ‘I Feel Great!’

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WJBK Fox 2/Screencap

 This article originally appeared at WJBK Fox 2: 

An 86-year-old veteran from Detroit crossed skydiving off his bucket list Sunday, and FOX 2 was there to see it.

“I feel great and a little heavy — this is a lot of stuff,” Bob Harris told FOX 2’s Ron Savage, loaded up and ready to go.

Harris is a U.S. veteran of WWII who said he did a million things during his military career — but he never jumped with a parachute.

Bob took his family to SKYDIVE Tecumiseh. The company so moved by Harris’ energy and desire to jump at 86 years old that they waived his $250 jump fee and gave him a free jump.

Harris brought his whole family to witness the jump and it’s a big family.