A Missouri veteran, Elliot Timms, donning a “Make America Great Again” hat and brandishing an American flag, has been running 15 miles nearly every day for a year hoping to show everyone how much he loves his country.

Afghanistan Veteran Wearing MAGA Hat Runs for National Unity

An Afghanistan veteran has been running 15 miles a day for a year while wearing the iconic red Make America Great Again (MAGA) cap because, he said, “Showing support for the president and being patriotic should be a given in our country.”

Marine Corps retired Sgt. Kirstie Ennis. (Courtesy of Pin-Ups for Vets)

Veteran Amputee Kirstie Ennis Poses as Pin-Up for Good Cause

Marine Corps veteran Kirstie Ennis’s helicopter crashed in Afghanistan in 2012, leaving her with an above-the-knee amputation, a broken neck, and facial reconstruction. Since then, she added competitive snowboarder and mountain climber to her accomplishments, and recently, she added pin-up model.

Guido Filippone has already raised nearly $14,000 since May 16 for the remaining medical costs of a World War II veteran he met in his local Veterans Affairs (VA) office parking lot.

Marine Raises Thousands to Help World War II Veteran

Guido Filippone has already raised nearly $14,000 since May 16 for the remaining medical costs of a World War II veteran he met in his local Veterans Affairs (VA) office parking lot.

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Watch: Wounded Veteran Gifted with Service Dog at Dallas Hockey Game

Those attending the Dallas Stars hockey game on Monday night got a huge surprise when a former Navy SEAL repelled himself and a service dog down from the top of the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The Stars were honoring war veterans and “Patty”, the German Shepherd, was a gift for a wounded veteran.


WWII Vet’s Epic Takedown: ‘Wear a Damn Poppy, You Bastard!’

For some years now, one of the worst things on Twitter has been @harryslaststand. It purports to be the account of a 93-year old World War II veteran called Harry Leslie Smith who comments on the day’s news from a bitter, angry, hard-left-wing perspective.

Muslim Prisoner

Texas Program for Jailed Vets Yields 8% Recidivism

HOUSTON, Texas — The “Stars and Stripes” program at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office jail in Texas boasts an eight percent recidivism rate among military veteran offenders.


Veterans Brutally Attacked by Black Lives Matter, Says Army Staff Sergeant

A U.S. Army National Guard staff sergeant says he and one of his Army veteran friends were assaulted by Black Lives Matter supporters in San Antonio, Texas, Thursday Evening. “As I was getting my face stomped in and thrown through a window, they (all 4 of them) were yelling racial slurs saying how whites sucked and black lives were better,” Marc Stephen, the second victim, said on Facebook.

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Upheld: Residency-At-Enlistment for Free College for Texas Veterans

The Texas Hazlewood Act gives veterans, and in certain instances their children and their spouses, up to 150 hours of free tuition. An appellate court has upheld a challenge to the Act’s residency-at-enlistment requirement holding the provision is constitutional.

Normandy landings: An American soldier hidden in a trench watches the beach, Above him, the German placard reads that the area is mined, June 1944, France, Second World War war, National archives, Washington, . (Photo by: Photo12/UIG via Getty Images)

Texas’ Justice Willett Wins Twitter

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett tweeted on Memorial Day weekend, “American’s teens & 20-somethings once had a different understanding of ‘safe spaces.'”