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Second Boxer, an Olympic Flag-Bearer, Arrested for Attempted Rape in Rio

jonas-junius AFP

A second Olympic boxer – the flag-bearer for Namibia during the Opening Ceremonies – has been arrested and transported to the Gericinó Penitentiary in Bangu, in the West Zone of Rio, following the attempted rape of a worker at the Olympic Village.

Jonas Junius, 22, from Namibia was arrested following the accusations made against him.

According to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, “The victim said Jonas gave him a kiss on the neck and then tried to kiss her on the mouth. She left and walked away. Then the athlete started making obscene gestures indicating he wanted to have sex with her, offering money.” Globo continued, “the victim screamed and attracted the attention of members of the National Force, who arrested the boxer. Carolina Solomon also said a Namibian coach who saw the scene and did not interfere will be called to testify.”

This is the third sexual assault incident tied to the Olympic Games so far. Last week, a boxer from Morocco was arrested by authorities after being accused of assaulting two female cleaners. Late last week, a security guard was accused of raping a female firefighter in the Olympic Village, where he was supposed to be protecting people from such incidents.

According to Breibart News, “the security guard entered the sleeping quarters of the firefighter in order to commit the assault around 4:30 a.m. the night of July 31. ‘In her condition, she could not resist,’ police told reporters. The security guard is facing only two to six years in prison for sexual assault of a vulnerable person as per Brazilian criminal law.”


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