Nepal Arrests American for ‘Preaching Christianity’

Christians attend a protest against the recent killings and atrocities on Christians in Orissa and Karnataka, in New Delhi September 26, 2008. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi/Files
REUTERS/Adnan Abidi/Files

Nepalese police have arrested 70-year-old Fomess Dolan, an American national, on the charge of “preaching Christianity to locals with an intention to force them into changing their religion,” according to the Himalayan Times.

After his arrest, police determined that Dolan had illegally entered Nepal by way of India without a proper visa. Dolan said in a statement that this was his second trip to Nepal. Leading up to his arrest, Dolan had been portraying himself as a doctor to locals. Himalayan Times reported, “He asked the women, who came to him seeking treatment, to wash off sindur (vermilion powder) from their foreheads and discard potes (traditional glass beads worn by married Hindu women) in the name of Jesus.”

Missionaries have been under attack and targeted this year in many parts of the world. Earlier this year, a Middle Eastern man attacked a Franciscan missionary in Spain. Breitbart News reported, “The assailant tried to seize Friar Job’s wooden cross, then smashed a bottle over the head of a waiter who came to the friar’s aid. Threatening to kill the missionary the attacker, of Moroccan origin, said ‘You need to be afraid of me. I’m an Arab,’ and broke a glass with the intention of stabbing him.”

In June, Breitbart News reported that “Christian activists in South Korea say a pastor secretly working with North Korean defectors was ‘murdered’ by Pyongyang’s state agents, demanding the Chinese government find those responsible for his death. They suspect North Korean agents crossed the border into China to commit the crime.”

Last month, a priest was brutally murdered in Normandy France while giving mass by two ISIS militant, Breitbart News reported. “The Islamic State group said Tuesday that two of its ‘soldiers’ stormed a French church and slit a priest’s throat, the latest attack in a country shaken to its core by repeated terror strikes.”


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