Islamic State Urges ‘All Out War’ on West for Ramadan: ‘Attack Them in Their Homes’

Isis launched a special issue of its Rumiyah propaganda magazine calling for terror attacks during Ramadan on 26 May 2017

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), in its annual call for violence during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, has urged jihadists and sympathizers to wage an “all-out war” in the West, stressing the targeting of noncombatants.

Through encrypted Telegram messaging app channels and YouTube, ISIS has disseminated its Ramadan propaganda in the form of an audio-accompanied slideshow.

The group’s 2017 Ramadan call for violence is titled “Where Are the Lions of War?”

Specifically, the message urges jihadists to carry out attacks in the United States, Russia, and across Europe.

“Your targeting of the so-called innocents and civilians is beloved by us and the most effective, so go forth and may you get a great reward or martyrdom in Ramadan,” declares ISIS in the message.

“Attack them in their homes, their markets, their roads and their forums,” the group adds.

ISIS urges suicide bombers to carry out attacks now.

The message states:

O ye righteous believers in America, Russia and Europe. O supporters of the caliphate, o you who can’t reach the Islamic state lands and you are now among the idolaters, roll up clothes of your grandfather arm and believe in your quest, and know that our war with our enemy is all-out war and an of easy conciliation easy to reach so make them busy with themselves away from muslims and Islamic state lands and remember the words of your Prophet peace be upon him: (the disbeliever and his killer never meet in hell).

While most Muslims follow the tradition of abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking, having sex, and other physical needs each day, starting from before the break of dawn until sunset during the month of Ramadan, others adhere to the belief that perceives Ramadan as a month of jihad and martyrdom.

Islamist and jihadi organizations, such as ISIS, encourage their followers to carry out violent attacks during the holiest month for Muslims, which begins Friday night.

There is usually a spike in terrorist attacks during Ramadan.

Last year alone, Islamic extremism-affiliated terrorists killed at least 420 people and wounded nearly 730 others across the world during the holy month, described last year as one of the bloodiest in modern history.

“Prepare yourselves and be ready, and make sure that you spend all the time in the invading for the say of Allah, and ask God what you request, to make it a month and a curse on the infidels everywhere,” states the ISIS 2017 Ramadan message.

The terrorist group encourages jihadists to carry out attacks in their home countries as nations across the world have tightened up security, making it difficult for jihadists to travel to ISIS’s so-called Caliphate.

Addressing “soldiers of the caliphate and its supporters in Europe and America,” ISIS advises, “If the tyrants have closed the door of emigration open in their faces the door of Jihad… the smallest work you do in their homes is better and more beloved to us than our greatest work,” reports The Foreign Desk.


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