General: Nearly 100,000 Cuban Regime Agents Have Run Venezuela Since 2010

TOPSHOT - Supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro wave Cuban flags and a portait of the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro during a ceremony honouring Castro one day after his death, in Caracas, November 26, 2016. / AFP / JUAN BARRETO (Photo credit should read JUAN BARRETO/AFP/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC — A retired Venezuelan general revealed that the socialist government has hired nearly 93,000 Cubans to import Fidel Castro’s ill-fated communism experiment, a testament to Cuba’s massive intervention in the South Amercian country.

Thousands of Cubans hold key positions in various Venezuelan government sectors, particularly in the national security and intelligence services used to monitor politicians, opposition members, business executives, and the population as a whole to keep the socialist regime in power, noted retired Maj. Gen. Antonio Rivero. Rivero has been an outspoken critic of the so-called Bolivarian revolution.

“By 2010, there was a permanent presence of approximately 92,700 Cubans carrying various missions in all areas and sectors of the [socialist] government,” declared Rivero during a discussion Tuesday at the U.S. Capitol hosted by the human rights group Justice Cuba.

Posted by Directorio on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

As part of the alliance between Castro and late dictator Hugo Chávez, tens of thousands of Cubans have flooded Venezuela to control the country’s socialist regime, now led by Nicolás Maduro.

Some agreements between the two proponents of “revolutionary” totalitarianism enabled Cubans to take part in various government plans and social welfare reform efforts, ranging from health care to national security.

Soon after his inauguration, Maduro ratified Venezuela’s political alliance with Cuba.

The retired Venezuelan general highlighted the alleged meddling of pro-communist Cubans in security and intelligence matters.

He noted that the socialist Venezuelan government hired thousands of pro-Castro Cubans to work in the intelligence and security sectors, granting them the ability to acquire information and conduct surveillance on both their fellow Cubans in the country and Venezuelans.

“Of these 92,700 Cubans, it is estimated that 3,000 of them are specialists in intelligence covering all areas — capable of getting into computers, monitoring and following both Cubans and Venezuelans in Venezuela,” said Rivero.

According to the general, the Venezuelan opposition is not only facing the Maduro dictatorship, but also Castro-style tyranny, courtesy of the Cubans working for the country’s socialist regime.

The oppressive Cuban presence reportedly extends beyond the civilian government into the military.

In August, the Miami-based outlet Martí Noticias reported:

Cuba’s intervention in Venezuela is overwhelming. There are a million Cuban soldiers, including 3 generals, 12 colonels and lieutenant colonels, 6 frigate captains and 25 other officers of various ranks [in Venezuela]. There are also 4,500 infantry troops in 9 battalions, one of them stationed in Fort Tiuna, the country’s military heart, according to the Venezuelan online new site Q’Pasa and journalist Sebastiana Barráez, a specialist in the armed forces of Venezuela.

Echoing Rivero, Martí added, “Other thousands of Cubans hold key positions in the State, the Government, the Venezuelan military and repressive forces, and in particular the intelligence and counterintelligence services.”

Venezuela is now reeling from the consequences of the socialist policies implemented by Hugo Chávez and kept alive by his successor Maduro.

Socialism is leaving behind a legacy of poverty and despair in Venezuela. The country has descended into chaos due to the socialism experiment started by Chávez with the help of Castro.


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