First tornadoes of the year hit Kansas, Oklahoma

May 2 (UPI) — More severe weather is projected for parts of the Midwest Wednesday — a day after more than a dozen tornadoes touched down in Kansas and Oklahoma, ending a tornado drought for both states.

Minimal damage was reported in most of the Kansas tornadoes, except for a large funnel cloud near Concordia that snapped power poles and downed lines, the National Weather Service said.

One home was damaged near Tescott, though no injuries were reported.

The Tescott tornado was captured on video and posted online by AccuWeather Meteorologist Reed Timmer.

“Thankfully tornado remained over mostly rural terrain. Measured peak wind gust of ~125 mph,” he wrote.

If the Oklahoma twister is confirmed — it hit near the Kansas-Oklahoma border — it would mark the latest start to the tornado season in the state’s history.

Preliminary numbers by the Storm Prediction Center show the system produced possibly 18 tornadoes. The storms also pelted some areas of Kansas and Nebraska with softball-sized hail.

More severe weather is expected across the central Plains Wednesday and Thursday. Alerts were also issued for the Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes, and forecasters said the Northeast could also see some severe conditions.