Katy Perry goes behind the scenes in ‘Will You Be My Witness?’ trailer

Katy Perry goes behind the scenes in 'Will You Be My Witness?' trailer

Sept. 28 (UPI) — Katy Perry gives fans an inside look into how she created her four-day Witness Worldwide live-stream in the first trailer for upcoming YouTube Red documentary, Will You Be My Witness?.

The clip, released Wednesday, features the pop star planning the massive live-stream event to promote her latest album Witness by living inside a newly constructed home that was filming her for 24 hours from June 8-12.

“The reason I called this album Witness is everyone in the world is a witness,” Perry says of the inspiration behind the album and live-stream. “We are all observing life, whether we are actively participating or we’re just at home observing. We are all a part of this world. I hope by being a part of Witness World Wide, I’ll provoke you to be an active witness.”

The trailer also features looks at the number of celebrity guests Perry had appear on the live-stream including America Ferrera, Anna Kendrick, Sia, RuPaul and Caitlyn Jenner.

“In her new YouTube Red Original Movie, the colorful pop icon puts her life on camera 24/7 for four whole days, in her most intimate reveal yet. Join Katy as she does behind-the-scenes in the creation and aftermath of this unprecedented live-streaming event with friends, artists and celebrity guests,” reads the synopsis.

Will You Be My Witness? is set to premiere on YouTube’s subscription based service YouTube Red on Oct. 4.