Delingpole: Dick Delingpole Is Back – in Keeping Up with the Delingpoles

James is reunited with his brother Dick on this week’s episode of Delingpole, and the “Yes/No Game” makes its long-awaited return.

While discussing why Kanye is better than Eminem, James displays a worryingly expert understanding of the Kardashians. (Well, sort of: he still has trouble telling them all apart, he admits, not least because they seem to change their hair and makeup half a dozen times in the course of one episode.)

Dick invites James to take his “Racism Test.” Guess whether he passes or fails. Then its TV and movie recommendations time – with Babylon Berlin, Fauda, and Run Lola Run.

Finally, it’s the sad bit. James reveals he has a horrible mystery disease – and that he would much appreciate some support from his very Special Listening Friend. Please feel free to visit his GoFundMe page – called, obviously, Make James’s Health Great Again.


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James Delingpole is a writer, journalist, and columnist. He is a writer at Breitbart London. Follow him on Twitter: @JamesDelingpole.


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