Delingpole: Social Justice Warriors Always Double Down

Toby Young – journalist, educational campaigner, author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and former Top Chef judge – tells James on this week’s episode of Delingpole the full horrifying story of how his life was almost destroyed by Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). His crime? Being appointed to a minor role on a government educational supervisory board – but not being sufficiently left wing.

Being hounded out of this and several other charitable educational roles by a frenzied Social Justice Warrior attack mob has taught Toby some valuable lessons.

1. It’s a great weight-loss and fitness program – which he plans to market as the Twitchfork Diet. (If you ask him nicely, Toby promises not to show you his new flat abs and toned pecs.)

2. There is no cosmic justice – despite what we’re taught in fairy tales. Toby has benefited thousands of disadvantaged kids through the free schools he has helped establish. Yet all the angry mob was interested in was punishing him for a few naughty tweets or jokey comments he made in magazines decades ago.

3. If you are on the left, you get a free pass: just look at Sarah Jeong and the New York Times. But Toby does not want revenge; he just wants to live and let live. (James is not convinced by this turning-the-other-cheek policy, but then, as he tells Toby, he thinks he’s a bit of a cuck…)

Finally, the dynamic duo gives their TV recommendations. It’s an epic podcast: why didn’t Toby come on sooner?

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