Exclusive: Rep. Upton Vows to Fight for Tea Party Principles

The powerful Energy and Commerce Committee chairmanship is up for grabs. Former Chairman Joe Barton (R-TX) is seeking a waiver to regain the post. As supporters of term-limits, we believe new blood and new leadership is essential for democracy.

Upton Memo – E_C Chairman Pledge

Barton is being challenged by more moderate Fred Upton (R-MI). Rep. Upton has had some questionable votes in his past, but Big Government has obtained a memo that Upton is circulating to his colleagues that makes it clear he has received the message of the election of 2010 and has pledged to govern the Committee with a conservative reform agenda that is sorely needed.

The memo in part states:

  1. I pledge to protect the sanctity of life through the vigorous oversight and by passing Rep. Pitts’ Protect Life Act and Rep. Chris Smith’s No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act to ensure that no taxpayer dollars every go to abortion.
  2. I will reveal, repeal and replace ObamaCare.
  3. I will exert tireless oversight of the EPA and stop implementation of a carbon regulation scheme and other job killing regulations.
  4. I will immediately adopt new committee rules to foster spending cuts and eliminate government spending programs.
  5. I will prevent the FCC from regulating the Internet.
  6. I will ensure all of the Committee’s legislation is consistent with traditional family values.

It seems clear that our message is being heard with Fred Upton.


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