You Wanna Know Why Detroit Is A Corpse?

Glenn Reynolds links to the following: WHO KILLED DETROIT?

Sure, a lot of the blame goes to a generation of bad management. But the main reason for Detroit’s decline is the greed of the industry’s main union, the UAW, which priced the Big Three out of the market.

If you want some insight as to why Detroit is a corpse, and why the Democrat Party is standing in the corner holding a shiv with matching cut marks to the slit in the city’s throat, simply read the archives of the Detroit chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

The archives of the Detroit DSA confirm the quote above about the UAW, but to fully grasp the destructive socialist relationship between America’s major unions and Democrats, all you have to do is read their own newsletters.

2002-3 Archive available here. 2007 snapshot of their archives available here. After you open the links, do page searches for terms like “Conyers” , “Davis”, “UAW”, and “AFL-CIO”

Now ask yourself why no major media outlets have produced any profiles on the DSA, a group with profound political and union influence. We are not asking for an inquisition or House hearings. Just simple news coverage of a bonafide American political movement.


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