Did Rep. Weiner Violate House Rules?

According to the House regulations, any Member “must immediately report any unauthorized access or unusual system activities to the House Information Resources Security Office (202-226-6448). HIR will investigate any breaches of the Internet security system.” This rule would apply to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s claim of a hacker gaining access to his official facebook and twitter accounts. Did Weiner contact HIR? Why is this important?

Any unauthorized access to Congressman Weiner’s equipment could very well have included the introduction of malware on his or a staffers electronic device. Such malware could, at this minute, be stealthy procuring information from his office. According to his official bio, “Weiner currently sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee, which has the largest jurisdiction in the U.S. House, overseeing telecommunications, public health, air quality and environmental protection, the nation’s energy policy, and interstate and foreign commerce.” As such, he is privy to classified and extremely sensitive information that, if compromised, could threaten the security of out nation. In addition, malware is often designed to replicate and spread – if such a virus is introduced into the House network, it could wreck havoc that would dwarf Wikileaks.

If Rep. Weiner believed his equipment was compromised, he should have immediately contacted HIR. He then should have instructed his staff to turn off all equipment until all equipment and servers are scanned for any malware. It is unknown if he has done this. Therefore, any other congressional or other governmental office that is on the same network or in communication with Congressman Weiner is potentially at risk.


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