Tuesday Open Thread: WTF Edition

So, today is one of those full of history: In 1610, Henry Hudson discovered Hudson Bay; in 1869 in Japanese Samurai class was abolished; in 1934 Hitler became Furher of Germany; in 1937 Marijuana was made illegal; in 1939 Albert Einstein urged FDR to begin the Manhattan Project; in 1943, JFK’s PT-109 was sunk by the Japanese; in 1945, the Potsdam Conference concluded, condemning large swaths of Europe to totalitarian rule; in 1964, the Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred, leading to an escalation of US forces in Vietnam; plus assorted bombs, hijackings, earthquakes and other disasters. Oh, also today, the U.S. Senate will push the nation’s debt to more than 100% of GDP with no real spending cuts in return. Crazy day…may be best to stay indoors.


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