In Response to Our American Revolution: 'No Crying Is Allowed.'

In my recent post, “Is Revolution in the Air? If So, Let It Be an American Revolution,” I tried to articulate what makes us – American-minded patriots – different and uniquely equipped to respond to the growing mess around us that we did not create, nor give our consent. Since posting it, there have been other commentaries on the possibilities of a looming breakdown in our society. In fact, some mayors of American cities are already taking precautions in light of the hellish scenes coming out of London. The Philadelphia mayor has been in the news lashing out at black-youth “flash mobs” that are wreaking havoc in the city. We have tent cities popping up here and there throughout the country. First jobless and then homeless, these unfortunate souls have completely bottomed out in a land that is the most prosperous and promising in the entire world. When I think of their children, then mine, it’s more than I can bear. It is an ugly stain on the fabric of America.

These are terrible ingredients — a volatile mixture sitting dangerously close to open flames. There are those who wish to do nothing more than to fan these flames. “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.”~ George Soros. In their twisted view, in order to create a New America, the old one must be destroyed and erased. These are the veterans and decedents of the Radial Left from the 1960’s. Others are merely useful idiots in this plot who have fallen victim to the visions of utopia of a completed society of equals in every way imaginable: equal in squalor; equal in misery.

Defense cuts would allow the United States to tend to a few other priorities, which just might take Americans’ minds off the fact that their country is no longer No. 1. Perhaps the United States could focus on constructing a high-speed rail line or two, or maybe even finish the job on extending health care. After all, of the large economies that enjoyed a AAA rating from Standard & Poor’s last week, the United States ranked at the bottom of the list in terms of life expectancy, and it was the only country without universal health care. Perhaps America could also spend a little more on basic education; the United States was at the tail end of the AAA club when it came to believing basic scientific truths like evolution, and it scored lowest out of all those countries on international tests of students’ math skills. Charles Kenny, Foreign Policy Magazine

The rest are incompetent boobs with no direction, no solutions, and no sense of soul. They are equally dangerous. In over their heads nincompoops who think by defending the very programs and policies that promise to destroy our nation, they are being good stewards of government. That is to say nothing of the run-of-the-mill thieves and prostitutes who plunder our treasury for votes and comfortable seats in power.

There is an alternative to this, though.

We do have elections coming up. Elections are the only legitimate and lawful actions that can be taken by which to change the direction of government. But unless there is a wholesale change in the way our government performs, a chance to see a reversal is unlikely. Elections should be, as they were always intended to be, the solidification of the will of the people; the final seal of approval from a fully engaged public. As I stated in the original post, we are the gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers are not passive. They do not man turnstiles and collect tickets. They control access and grant entrance into a sacred hall. It is a rigid system based on predefined conditions, but it is a fair system. For far too long, the gates have gone unmanned. As a result, our society has been infiltrated and is being destroyed from the top down, inside out. It’s time to man the gates again. Tell the Silent Majority they have been replaced by the Majority.

Come to Washington DC as I said. Bring a couple million with you. Email the strong and influential personalities and Tea Party groups that share your concern and have the ability to help. Let’s meet up in the National Mall and then take a stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue lock stepped together. As I also stated, no crying is allowed. Pick up after yourselves and tip generously. While there, we’ll give them our list of demands. We’ll direct them to our website. They can read about our positions. Learn about who we are. We’ll bring the next election to proper focus. We won’t rally to them. They must rally to us.

Afterwards, we’ll gladly go back to our homes and to our jobs until we are needed again. If the Majority remains silent, America will pass with barely a whimper. (If you don’t mind the sounds of rioting, that is). The radical few and incompetents must be stopped.

Find comfort in the fact you will not be alone and we are not starting from scratch. We’ll even have entertainment from talented Patriots. Go and check out James Kole.

Just as the anti-war artists of the 60’s expressed their political views through music, so too are an increasing number of artists of the TEA Party movement who refuse to keep silent about the destruction of this great nation by many who ironically subscribed to those radical, anti-government views of the 60’s counterculture movement.

He has a genre all to his own. YouTube James Kole – “Don’t Tread On Me”

From the comments pulled from the original post:

RickOden “It has no choice, it IS an American Revolution.”

FinbarOS “A pre-revolutionary moment, but with modern means and strategies.”

pilgrim_shadow “We DO want to take our country back. Meanwhile, our politicians are more than happy to sell us problems disguised as solutions.”

chopper “Yes…………………no crying allowed. This will not be a teary American Revolution! Winners and Patriots to the front.”

adamkon1104 “Darn right its a revolution.”

fishloreOne “I’m not fatalistic, I’m not scared, I’m not worried about the future. I’m excited. I mad as hell, but I know I’m on the right side of history so there is nothing to fear.”

Flig Narson “A 10-Million Man — and Woman — March on Washington is overdue. No well-behaved crowds listening to inspirational speeches, but rather a march directly on the Capitol of the United States demanding the immediate recall of every elected official. It is time to bring Washington to its knees… peacefully, but in massive numbers… and remind those there that they govern with our consent.

Can the momentum for such an action begin here?”


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