Obama Senior Adviser: President on Side of #OccupyWallStreet Protesters


From today’s Politico:

The White House wants to make it clear that President Barack Obama is on the same side as the Occupy Wall Street protesters – and that Republicans are not.

“If you’re concerned about Wall Street and our financial system, the president is standing on the side of consumers and the middle class,” Obama’s senior adviser David Plouffe said on “Good Morning America” Tuesday morning when asked about the demonstrations. “And a lot of these Republicans are basically saying, ‘You know what? Let’s go back to the same policies that led to the great recession in the first place’.”


“Taxpayers won’t be on the hook for a bailout any more, we’ll be more transparent,” he said. “Consumers will be protected on hidden fees on mortgages and credit cards.”

“The president stands squarely with the middle class in terms of trying to protect consumers and make sure that happened doesn’t happen again,” Plouffe added.

Read the full article at Politico.


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